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The nosology of parapsoriasis

The nosology of parapsoriasis 1

Parapsoriasis is a group of uncommon but not rare disorders that was created in 1902 as part of a now long forgotten scheme to classify all inflammatory dermatoses. This artificial grouping has led to an enormously confused nosology of these disorders, that are, for the most part, otherwise unrelated. The nosology of parapsoriasis. Parapsoriasis. in: DJ Demis, RL Dobson, JS McGuire (Eds.) Clinical dermatology. McCarthy, L. Differential diagnosis of parapsoriasis. Parapsoriasis refers to one of a group of skin disorders that are characterized primarily by their resemblance to psoriasis (red, scaly lesions), rather than by their underlying etiology.

The nosology of parapsoriasis 2Small Plaque Parapsoriasis – Synopsis and ICD Codes. Association of Mycosis Fungoides and Large Plaque Parapsoriasis with Human Herpes Virus 8 – Journal of Skin and Stem Cell – – Skin and Stem Cell Journal. The nosology of parapsoriasis. Parapsoriasis is a term that refers to a precursor stage of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)/mycosis fungoides(MF). Based on the clinicopathologic similarities of parapsoriasis and early stage CTCL, the exact nosology of parapsoriasis has been challenged, with a hypothesis that all variants of parapsoriasis (large plaque, small plaque and digitate) are synonymous with early MF.

Interface parapsoriasis; atrophic parapsoriasis; variegate dermatitis; poikiloderma atrophicans vasculare; poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans; lichenoid mycosis fungoides. Open Access Articles- Top Results for Small plaque parapsoriasis. The nosology of parapsoriasis. J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 5 (4): 37395. PMID 7026622. Summary. We present a new concept on the. nosology of parapsoriasis lichenoides. ( parakeratosis variegata) and show. that this parapsoriasis type is not a.

Small Plaque Parapsoriasis

The nosology of parapsoriasis 3DOI: 10.4103/0019-5154.117314. Keywords: Ichthyosiform, large plaque parapsoriasis, mycosis fungoides. Reveal publication information. Read Download.

Large Plaque Parapsoriasis