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She claimed the drug was the world’s first novel anti-CD6 antibody to treat psoriasis

She claimed the drug was the world's first novel anti-CD6 antibody to treat psoriasis 1

Biocon, the Bangalore-based biotech company, launched a novel biologic Alzumab (itolizumab) for chronic plaque psoriasis onto the Indian market this summer, riding a wave of high expectations. Biocon’s novel anti-psoriasis biotech drug Itolizumab released in India. Biocon’s Alzumab is the first anti-CD6 monoclonal antibody to be commercialized, an outcome of path breaking research in India, said Biocon’s CMD, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, while launching the product in Bangalore on August 10. We are proud that this will be the first instance of a breakthrough innovation from India with a potential to treat multiple autoimmune diseases and making a difference to a much larger patient population across the world. The approximate cost of treatment will be 5,243 (INR 3.2 lakh). Biocon launches biological drug to combat psoriasis. Bangalore: Bangalore-headquartered biotechnology company Biocon today announced the launch of a biological drug researched, developed and manufactured in the country to treat chronic plaque psoriasis and said it is in discussions to finalise a global partner to take it worldwide. The company said Alzumab was the world’s first novel anti-CD6 antibody developed by Biocon to address a large unmet need for the treatment of Psoriasis in India.

She claimed the drug was the world's first novel anti-CD6 antibody to treat psoriasis 2Alzumab is a path-breaking novel biologic and offers high efficacy and safety profile with lower infection rates compared to similar biologics used in the treatment of psoriasis, said Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon’s chairperson and managing director, at a press conference. Itolizumab, anti CD6 molecule, for the treatment of chronic plaque Psoriasis. Biocon enhances Partnership with Mylan through Strategic Collaboration for Insulin Products Biocon Delivers a Healthy Growth of 22 driven by strong traction in Biopharma Biocon Launched ALZUMAb – a ‘First in Class’ Novel Biologic Treatment for Psoriasis Patients in India. It was an anti-CD6 antibody and I was told by Cuban researchers that the molecule had some potential in auto-immune diseases like RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and psoriasis, she said. Only, unlike other researchers across the world, Biocon had data coming from Phase 3 of psoriasis trials to support an otherwise heavily theoretical research.

Sonnabend was furious when he learned that the claim had come from the AMF. She also awarded certificates to the volunteers participated in the Pathpardarshak and Yuva Saathi training programme. A vial of the drug from Biocon will be available in India at Rs. 7,950. Director of Biocon this is the world’s first novel anti-CD6 antibody to treat psoriasis. Bolt’s compatriot Nesta Carter (9.95) claimed bronze, while Britain’s James Dasaolu was eighth (10. Monoclonal antibody humanness score and its applications. India’s first anti-psoriasis biotech drug. The drug is believed to be the world’s first molecule targeting a novel CD6 antigen to treat autoimmune diseases. Though its etiopathology is not fully understood, there are claims that imbalance of trace elements may trigger the onset of AA.

Biocon Launches Psoriasis Drug In India; To File Ind Application With Us Fda This Fiscal

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