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I have suffered from Psoriasis for 13 years now, with it increasing in severity with every passing year. Search Forums Recent Posts. SDEF’s Psoriasis Forum is now in its 13th year. This in-depth, comprehensive program is featured on day 2. Video Highlights of Skin Disease Education Foundation’s 11th Annual Psoriasis Forum. I have been looking into psoriasis and its links with diabetes. How many of you have it and what type are you?. Now it has appeared on my finger tips this is quite a problem. I feel it is connected to my diabetes.

Search Psoriasis Forum Now 2Reasons for psoriasis are different for individual. (search on internet for hazards of steroids) The disease is 40 mental and 60 physical. Two years ago i started homeopathic medicine and in one year, everything cleared up except my scalp psoriasis. then i stopped using homeopathic and now everything is getting worse again. So you are advised to register on this forum now and get posting. I have done this because the search engines are getting confused on which is the genuine Psoriasis Club, and obviously we want people to find us here. My torso is really badly covered, arms and legs now getting infected too. Have also got scalp P, and inverse Psoriaris under the breasts and my tummy line. Am sure you have did your studies and search on psoriasis. Finally, please have a good look around both the forum and the website.

I’m 18 years old and I’ve been battling psoriasis (an uncurable, but treatable, skin disease) for 3 years now. Psoriasis is an immune deficiency disease, and as you may know marijuana is an immunosuppressant, which for most patients is a negative side-effect, but for psoriasis it’s actually a good thing! There have also been other studies showing how cannabis is good for the treatment of psoriasis in many other ways such as it’s anti-inflamatory properties. Search Forums Recent Posts. At last after a decade of finding solution to my psoriasis skin disease, now I found the right product that gave me result. What would be my best option at this time since I’m dealing with hashimotos and now psoriasis? My vit d is still 24. Working on consuming high protein breakfast and dha sources daily, and of course am sun.

Psoriasis Is Completely Curable

Search Psoriasis Forum Now 3It sounds to me like Psoriasis, as when the sun clears the skin of the flaking and redness, the skin looks paler in those areas- until it returns. I’ve since almost totally cut out wheat (use rice foods now) and my skin trouble is now about 98 gone. I am going to search for this book – cutting out wheat can only be a good thing IMHO as I’m a coeliac so I guess my immune system is in overdrive. The National Psoriasis Foundation message board is the largest virtual community of people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Join the conversation now at Latest Activity – Forum Discussions We are AVM survivors, here for your support. Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) Sjogren’s Syndrome Synovial Sarcoma Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) Ulcerative Colitis Von Willebrand’s Disease (VWD) Other Rare Diseases. Anonymous text chat with a GP now. Psoriasis: this skin disease can occur on the penis without you having it anywhere else. On the glans it looks red and shiny, while elsewhere it is usually white and scaly. I went to see him today because the pain from my psoriatic arthritis is getting worse. My back, hips and knees are in constant pain now with no relief. Does anyone know where to find help for psoriasis in the Tokyo area? She now goes to a skin doctor and gets some ointment to put on the problem areas but it doesn t seem to work. For alternative treatments try a search on the internet and some books about food combine.

Cannabis Card For Psoriasis?