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Psoriasis Effect on the Quality of Life:

Psoriasis is one of the prevalent skin conditions in the United States. This chronic condition has a significant negative impact on patients’ quality of life. Psoriasis has been linked to the depression and suicidal tendencies in the patients. To understand how psoriasis affects the quality of life of individuals and to learn about patients’ perceptions of current therapies, the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) conducted a 2-part survey of their patient membership. Abstract: Psoriasis is a chronic immunologic disease characterized by red papules and plaques with a silver colored scale. The impact of psoriasis on patients’ overall quality of life is significant, broad, and deep, including effects on emotional wellbeing, psychological stress, self-esteem, relationship, work, social activities, financial burden, and even physical function.

Psoriasis Effect on the Quality of Life: 2There are several clinical cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis but most commonly the disease presents as chronic, symmetrical, erythematous, scaling papules and plaques. The epidemiology, clinical features, and impact on quality of life of psoriasis are reviewed. The impact of psoriasis on quality of life was measured with 10-question surveys taken by the patients and the cohabitants. Depression and anxiety were measured with separate surveys completed by members of all three groups. When we first introduce psychological burden or psychological impact of psoriasis, often eyes start to roll. Having psoriasis affects self-esteem, impacts emotion and diminishes quality of life, according to a survey of 4,725 psoriasis sufferers conducted by the NPF.

In one study, 3 out of every 4 people with psoriasis felt that their condition had a negative impact on their quality of life. Since psoriasis and its skin lesions are visible to others, it’s to be expected that you might feel stress or some degree of social stigma, or even have poor self-esteem. Chronic skin disorders like psoriasis and atopic eczema have profound influence on patients’ lives. Psoriasis can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life – sometimes profoundly altering their everyday life. The psoriasis life stress inventory is a fifteen item tick box questionnaire involving the impact of psoriasis on the previous month s quality of life.

Psoriasis: Epidemiology, Clinical Features, And Quality Of Life

Psoriasis Effect on the Quality of Life: 3Psoriasis can have a huge impact on your quality of life in general and on how you feel in your relationships, work, and school. In fact, its impact on physical and mental function is similar to that of other chronic and serious conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, and arthritis. To assess that clinical characteristics and quality of life (QoL) of a group of Chilean patients with psoriasis. Having plaque psoriasis might be merely an annoying nuisance, like a fly you just can’t swat, or for some, it may significantly detract from their quality of life and daily activities. This largely depends on the severity of plaque psoriasis and how well it is treated.

Impact Of Psoriasis On Quality Of Life