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Psoriasis circinnata, lepra vulgaris

Acute generalized pustular flare of preexisting plaque psoriasis. This is the so-called Lepra, or as it may more appropriately be named, Psoriasis circinata. In support of this view he has seen several cases, of which the following is a specimen: A man had infantile syphilis when a child 5 he married, and had eight children, two of whom died as infants; of the six surviving children, three are the subjects of lepra vulgaris. Short Description: Other psoriasis Long Description: Other psoriasis This is the 2014 version of the ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 696. 696 Psoriasis and similar disorders. Willan’s lepra 696.1.

Psoriasis circinnata, lepra vulgaris 2Acne; eczema; impetigo; scabies; psoriasis inveterata. Page 244 244 CORNUS CIRCINATA. Eyes. Pulsatilla: Lepra vulgaris, palm size patches of psoriasis like eruptions; antidotes sulphur. Hair, Nail:. Tinea Circinata Tinea Tonsurans 1 ‘ Tinea Versicolor 183 Erythrasma 185 Actinomycosis 185Animal Parasites of the Skin I86 Scries 186 Creeping-disease 189 Pediculosis I89.

Psoriasis with arthritis. Pemphigus vulgaris. SLE. Herpes Zoster. Urticaria. Vasculitis. Cellulitis. Lepra reaction. SUPERFICIAL FUNGAL INFECTION. The pathogenesis suggest the similarity of lepra, it is considered to be one of the remedies for leprosy.

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Psoriasis circinnata, lepra vulgaris 3

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