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Prevent psoriasis outbreaks

Here are some things you can do to prevent psoriasis flare-ups:. Your doctor may switch you to another medication or change your dosage if they suspect your medication is causing psoriasis outbreaks. Psoriasis is a long-term (chronic) scaling disease of the skin, which affects 2 3 of the UK population. Having psoriasis can cause stress itself and patients often report that outbreaks of symptoms come during particularly stressful times. Try to work out what trigger factors can bring your symptoms on and avoid these. Is It Possible to Prevent Guttate Psoriasis? The sudden appearance of an outbreak may be the first psoriasis outbreak for some people.

Prevent psoriasis outbreaks 2A genetic disease that causes red, scaly lesions on the skin, psoriasis is not contagious. You can also try our Dead Sea Facial Scrub for regular exfoliation (avoid using on active sores and scabs), as it contains a special blend of dead sea mud and siliceous earth to help remove dead skin cells, leaving skin softer and smoother and reducing skin buildup. I have not had a psoriasis outbreak in over a year, and this is how I did it: (1) warm bath, and (2) an organic lotion.

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Psoriasis Prevention