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PARAPSORIASIS EN PLAQUES or Chronic Superficial Dermatitis

Our patient with small-plaque parapsoriasis, living under a cloud of clinical pessimism, was found to have a curable problem with an unusual cause. RH: Parapsoriasis en plaque and chronic superficial dermatitis. Chronic superficial scaly dermatitis (small plaque parapsoriasis). The text is the summary of recent articles on Chronic Superficial Dermatitis at 75 thresold from National Library of Medicine (NLM). In parapsoriasis en plaques two groups can be distinguished: in the small-plaque variant (chronic superficial dermatitis) the 3H-index is low, whereas the large-plaque variant (prereticulotic poikiloderma) shows strong proliferative activity 4.

PARAPSORIASIS EN PLAQUES or Chronic Superficial Dermatitis 2The images may not be related to Chronic Superficial Dermatitis. Lymphomatoid contact dermatitis. Small plaque parapsoriasis. Actinic reticuloid (chronic actinic dermatitis): is a disease of the middle-aged, especially males. There is acanthosis, spongiosis and a superficial dermal perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate. Small plaque parapsoriasis (digitate and guttate dermatosis): Chronic superficial scaly dermatitis or mycosis fungoides? 19932003. Oct Dec 2003 Vol. 9, No.

Small-plaque parapsoriasis variant: digitate dermatosis. Chronic superficial scaly dermatitis is an uncommon skin condition characterised by round-oval and sometimes polymorphous, pink-red, slightly scaly patches on the trunk and limbs. Much controversy surrounds the best terminology for this condition ie chronic superficial scaly dermatitis or parapsoriasis, and the potential for progression of some cases into mycoses fungoides, which is a form of cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. Progression of lesions to plaques, ulceration, or those showing poikilodermatous change (red-brown, atrophic patches with telangiectases) strongly suggest MF. Small-plaque parapsoriasis (digitate dermatosis, chronic superficial dermatitis) presents as ovoid or digitate plaques measuring 2 to 6 cm in diameter, with a predilection for the lateral trunk.

Differential Diagnosis: Chronic Superficial Dermatitis