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Nioxin for psoriasis of the scalp

I bought this product for my husband who has tried just about everything under the sun for his extreme psoriasis that he has experienced for years. He has been using it for approximately 5 days and can already see a difference. I don’t have any problems with my scalp but whenever I use Nioxin I have less hair falling out and it looks healthier too. It seemed to work and cleared it up relatively quickly. Product Description Nioxin Cleanser System 3 – gently cleanses and removes environmental residue and DHT. BIOAMP adds thickness from inside the cuticle and strengthens the hair shaft.

Nioxin for psoriasis of the scalp 2Dermabrasion treatments are ideal for cleaning the scalp of all hair products including gels and sprays, as well as delivering a better overall appearance for hair.

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Nioxin Scalp Recovery