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Nail psoriasis-a treatment challenge

Traditional treatments for nail psoriasis, which include topical or intralesional corticosteroids, topical vitamin D analogues, photochemotherapy, oral retinoids, methotrexate, and cyclosporin, can be time-consuming, painful, or limited by significant toxicities. Psoriatic nail disease is a therapeutic challenge, and to date, patients and physicians are often dissatisfied with current standard therapeutic approaches. Current Concepts In Treating Psoriatic Nails. Psoriatic nails resemble onychomycosis and often both conditions arise simultaneously. Addressing Treatment Challenges The Medical Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation has developed treatment recommendations for four clinical nail psoriasis scenarios. Nail psoriasis treatment is still a challenge for both patients and clinicians. Sanchez et al. report the results of an open study evaluating the efficacy and safety of a combined treatment with 8 clobetasol nail lacquer and tacalcitol ointment in 15 patients.

Nail psoriasis-a treatment challenge 2Presented at the Second Summit for Nail Diseases, Marrakesh, Morocco, April 4, 2013. 30Radtke, M.A., Beikert, F.C., Augustin, M. Nail psoriasisa treatment challenge. Childhood Psoriasis a challenge to all Jayakar Thomas 1 & Parimalam Kumar 2 1 Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Apollo Children s Hospital, Chennai. Once disease has occurred, treatment is determined based on severity and presence of joint involvement. Additionally, nail psoriasis can be noted in the setting of plaque-type psoriasis vulgaris, psoriatic arthritis, or with isolated nail disease, the last sometimes being called trachyonychia, although this is controversial.

References In Scoring Nail Psoriasis

A PAS stain is therefore essential in all cases of suspected nail psoriasis and onychomycosis 3

Dramatic Response Of Nail Psoriasis To Infliximab