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Long-term maintenance therapy for psoriasis is required

Although treatment can provide patients with high degrees of disease improvement, there is no cure for psoriasis 1

Long-term maintenance therapy for psoriasis is required. Long-term maintenance treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis with infliximab in combination with methotrexate or azathioprine in a retrospective cohort. Effective, fast-acting and safe therapies are needed for long-term maintenance treatment of psoriasis. Long-term maintenance therapy with cyclosporine and posttreatment survey in severe psoriasis: results of a multicenter study. German Multicenter Study.

Although treatment can provide patients with high degrees of disease improvement, there is no cure for psoriasis 2Safe and effective long-term therapy is important when treating patients with psoriasis and maintaining remission of this condition. Topical Combination Maintenance Therapy for Psoriasis. Some dermatologist feel the need to do more,. Read more. Medical treatment for localized psoriasis begins with a combination of topical corticosteroids and coal tar or calcipotriene. Careful long-term follow-up of patients receiving topical corticosteroid therapy is highly recommended to detect potential complications. When the lesions have remained flat and the intensity of their color has declined from bright red to pink, the maintenance phase begins, with use of calcipotriene alone and discontinuation of the weekend use of topical corticosteroids. Treatment options for moderate to severe psoriasis include topical and systemic medications, phototherapy, and excimer laser, Combination therapies are often more effective than one treatment alone. Its long term safety profile continues to be studied, but results so far are positive. Some patients require only over-the-counter treatment, or even no treatment. Choices for transitional or maintenance treatments depend on the severity of the condition.

When psoriasis requires systemic therapy, cyclosporine (CsA) is one of the most effective and rapidly acting drugs. Longer-term continuous therapy may be required for maintenance in a minority of patients with recalcitrant disease, often with doses less than 3. Ongoing therapy is only subsidised for patients whose psoriasis significantly improves. 6-8 weekly maintenance, potentially years. The efficacy and safety of the biological therapies requires long-term disease-specific data. As a chronic disease psoriasis often requires long-term treatment. Successful continuation of therapy during a maintenance phase is therefore important.

Topical Combination Maintenance Therapy For Psoriasis

Acitretin fulfills a unique role in the strategies used to treat psoriasis because its mechanism of action is different from that of other systemic drugs. Clinical experience has shown acitretin to be an ideal choice for long-term maintenance therapy because the clinical response is sustained and there is no significant loss of efficacy over time. Long-term use or overuse of strong corticosteroids can cause thinning of the skin and resistance to the treatment’s benefits. It’s usually administered two or three times a week until the skin improves, then maintenance may require only weekly sessions. Skin biopsy is very rarely required to confirm diagnosis. Methotrexate can cause a clinically significant rise in transaminases and long-term therapy may be associated with liver fibrosis. Fumaric acid esters may be considered as an alternative maintenance therapy in patients who are not suitable for the above agents. Ixekizumab maintained efficacy in long-term treatment of psoriasis. 4 weeks with ixekizumab as maintenance therapy achieved complete resolution of their psoriasis at week 60 of an extension trial, according to research presented at the World Congress of Dermatology. These activities will be marked as such and will provide links to the required software. Long-term Efficacy and Safety of Infliximab Maintenance Therapy in Patients With Plaque-Type Psoriasis in Real-World Practice; Shear N, Hartmann M, Toledo-Bahena M, Katsambas A, Connors L, Chang Q, Yao R, Nograles K, Popmihajlov Z, All REALITY Investigators; British Journal of Dermatology (Mar 2014).

Cyclosporine Regimens In Plaque Psoriasis: An Overview With Special Emphasis On Dose, Duration, And Old And New Treatment Approaches

After treatment discontinuation, the terminal elimination half-life of acitretin is approximately 50 hours and that of its 13-cis isomer around 90 hours. The maintenance dose should be based on clinical efficacy and tolerability. After 12-16 weeks initial therapy, efficacy can be safely maintained in a long term treatment with acitretin. 5 Relapse was defined as a marked or continuous deterioration of psoriasis that has required an active specific treatment, as judged by the physician or requested by the patient.