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Leo launches psoriasis support programme

LEO QualityCare and NFL player Jonathan Scott launch Youth. The Psoriasis Foundation Youth Ambassador program, supported by LEO Pharma Inc. We’re grateful to LEO Pharma and Jonathan Scott for their support, so we can work together to make sure teens with psoriasis can realize their full potential and help each other succeed. Leo Pharma launches Psoriasis Coach All-Round Education (PsorCARE) program in Singapore to enhance the counseling skills of healthcare practitioners for optimal patient-healthcare provider relationship leading to better treatment outcomes. We want patients with psoriasis to know that trained support is available and that it is possible for them to live life as normally as possible. Commenting on the launch Rod Tucker, Community Pharmacist and Honorary Research Associate, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Hull said, The launch of Picato in the UK is a very positive step forward for patients living with actinic keratosis. LEO Pharma is developing a Patient Support Programme to answer questions that patients may have regarding their condition and its treatment.

Leo launches psoriasis support programme 2Despite the negative impact psoriasis can have, patients are not complying with their treatments. ( is a programme offering personalised support to patients and carers. Both, sponsored by Leo Pharma, are to be launched during February 2011. There is strong evidence to back up a belief in the link between psoriasis, stress and anxiety. Psoriasis can make it difficult to achieve this modest goal, opening the door to stress and anxiety. LEO Pharma uses cookies to give you the best experience online and to provide anonymised, aggregated site usage data. Paul Simms talks to Gitte P. Aabo, President & CEO of LEO Pharma, about patient centricity, new solutions within dermatology, partnerships and what the future holds. Soon, we will be launching some of our first solutions co-created with patients; This is a huge milestone for psoriasis patients around the world.

American Academy of Dermatology and LEO Pharma launch educational website to raise awareness about sun damage and skin cancer. PARSIPPANY, N.J.—-LEO Pharma Inc., a wholly owned U.S. NFL Player Jonathan Scott Launches Youth Ambassador Program for Teens with Psoriasis. Chicago Bears Jonathan Scott has teamed up with the National Psoriasis Foundation, and LEO QualityCare to launch a program for teens with psoriasis to help them take control of their condition.

Promoting Compliance In Psoriasis

Drug In Development For Psoriasis Also Effective For Atopic Dermatitis. LEO Pharma Initiates Quality Care Program For Taclonex Patients. Leo Pharma Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S.-based Leo Pharma A/S, has launched the Leo Quality Care Program, designed to provide patient education and support. At LEO Pharma UK/Ireland (UK/IE), we are committed to providing support to people living with psoriasis and have developed an informative website and patient support programme. Many patients who have body plaque psoriasis also have psoriasis on their scalp. We want patients with Psoriasis to know that trained support is available and that it is possible for them to live life as normally as possible. Formally launched in February 2012, PsorAsia is the Federation of Psoriasis Association in Asia-Pacific.

American Academy Of Dermatology And Leo Pharma Launch Educational Website To Raise Awareness About Sun Damage And Skin Cancer