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LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis

LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis 1

FRIDAY, April 23, 2010 (HealthDay News) — The low point for country music star LeAnn Rimes came when her psoriasis got so bad she actually started bleeding onstage. She spoke with about how she is winning the battle. Singer LeAnn Rimes Shares Her Struggle With Psoriasis and Hope for Other Sufferers. For LeAnn Rimes, dealing with plaque psoriasis has been a lifelong struggle.

LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis 2LeAnn Rimes brings her battle with psoriasis to centre stage. According to US News Health, Singer LeAnn Rimes hit her lowest points when her psoriasis was so bad she actually started bleeding on stage!. The effects of psoriasis go far deeper than the skin: The condition may raise a person’s risk of a potentially deadly aneurysm, a new study from Denma. Her battle with cancer and ability to take her health lessons and teach others is something I admire. It took country singer LeAnn Rimes 22 years to find a treatment for her psoriasis that actually worked, according to Health. READ: LeAnn Rimes Thought About WHAT During Her Patsy Cline Tribute? A lifelong battle with psoriasis inspired some of novelist John Updike’s fiction.

LeAnn Rimes’ Rough Past – Fame and psoriasis. She has also lent her voice to other campaigns to help fight the stigma of the disease. Singer LeAnn Rimes describes the treatments she’s tried to heal her psoriasis and what actually works for her. The True Colors singer is breaking her silence on her lengthy battle with psoriasis – a condition that causes cell build-up on the skin in the form of dry, itchy patches – as she joins an informative campaign with the National Psoriasis Foundation to help others cope with the disease.

Leann Rimes’ Battle With Psoriasis

LeAnn Rimes on Her Battle with Psoriasis 3When did you first notice that psoriasis was developing on your skin and what did it look like?. Singer LeAnn Rimes also has psoriasis and is active in a campaign to empower others. LeAnn Rimes, CariDee English and Stacy London also suffer from psoriasis. According to PEOPLE.COM, CURB/NASHVILLE artist LEANN RIMES is speaking out for the first time about her life long battle with psoriasis.

Leann Rimes’ Rough Past