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It’s not coke damnit, it’s my moustache psoriasis

It's not coke damnit, it's my moustache psoriasis 1

It’s nice knowing that there are famous people with psoriasis too. Famous dictators, evil drug barons, pianists, writers and others have had it!. For one thing, Bittersweets Spike wouldn’t have laid a hand on Buffy that way, damnit. 4. A bolt pulling in its trail not just that tussle in her bathroom, but everything else Spike had attempted on her from the first. He put a slice of lemon in her untouched Coke, and met her eyes. Im not afraid of dying, Im just having such a good time that I hope I live to be 100. I need an icy Diet Coke Big Gulp very soon I’m battling my yearly beginning of summer cold–achoo! I miss certain people every day. My stomach growls like it’s hungry every time I smell a skunk. I shave my head, and sport a goatee and mustache.

It's not coke damnit, it's my moustache psoriasis 2It’s helped with motivating me to get off my bum and start working out. Everybody Hates Chris won an NAACP Image Award for its writing in 2008. And as for my mother, well, to this very day, she still ain’t raisin’ no babies. Lunch Lady with Mustache: You promise I get a shave! Julius: Baking soda and a pomegranate. My eyes traced the deep lines grooving her face, and I wondered about the life that led her to this place. Each mon- itor was labeled with a different disease: Jaundice, Shingles, Psoriasis, Proteus Syndrome, Harlequin Ichthyosis.

It’s meta-horror, and it performs a difficult but important service. Song: Margaret Whitting, My Foolish Heart Essential Quote: Carol. The first trailer for Narcos was just a whole bunch of cocaine, but this one gives us an actual story. They’d think I was talking to them and would want to play, not sit quietly while I read. (for Snoopy–and not that horrible whatever with the mustache in the later strips). It’s my first car with antilock brakes, and it definitely saved my tail. Eury, what works best for me for eczema is to spend lots of time in a healthy climate — the Caribbean or Hawai i. I’m hungry, dammit. Fall Matters: Health Update: In case you did not know I recently had a major health scare. Being a trained professional chef I wanted to blend my love of food and poetry into a book-length work that would fit within the ideas of Thanksgiving. God, damn it.

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No change in psoriasis symptoms 3Whenever I’m sad I just imagine if babies were born with mustaches. MY PSORIASIS. And from cocaine. I defy you to read her work and not hurt yourself laughing. It’s punny. From now on I will always think of you as Jenny Lawsome. BAM! Robin recently posted What’s Better Than Ironic Mustache Wednesday?

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