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It sounds like you and your father both have scalp psoriasis

It sounds like you and your father both have scalp psoriasis. First you need to change doctors, obviously this one is not meeting the needs of either of you. Both me and my father who i got this from didn’t even know it existed before i shaved my head. I have scalp psoriasis on and off and I think your dermatologist sounds incredibly unprofessional. For my partner, preventing fungal infections is a pretty big deal, and SLS is very helpful for that. But it sounds like you probably do not walk around with a lot of broken skin or sores, so that may well be less of a concern for you. It subsequently reduced the prices, but M&S has refused to follow suit. Shame on you, M&S. To the 16 yr old girl: It sounds like you and your father both have scalp psoriasis.

It sounds like you and your father both have scalp psoriasis 2The only way you could catch it from me is if I was your father.:). I suspect they both have minor causes of scalp psoriasis. It eventually went away with one thing, but it’s going to sound incredibly false and BS. I know what it’s like to have severe psoriasis and feel like there’s not hope for improvement. I’ve had scalp psoriasis for as long as I can remember. My parents tried many different treatments, from coal tar-based products to corticosteroids. No thanks, I don’t want to sign up. I know it sounds strange, but cutting back on how often you wash your hair will make a huge difference. If you have long hair, tie it up loosely in a bun and let the treatment soak into your scalp for 30-60 minutes. So many of you have offered suggestions for psoriasis treatment, and many others have shared their own stories of dealing with chronic illness and being let down by conventional medicine. Mind and body are absolutely connected, and it sounds like you’ve been through a lot lately. Both my maternal grandmother and my mum suffered horribly with psoriasis and although there’s time at the moment it’s skipped my sister and I but my niece has it. Your Dad and his had the same issues, only his didn’t hit, just verbal and alcoholic.

I have been a mild sufferer of plaque and scalp psoriasis since the age of 6/7. Both my parents have experienced guttate and said it should be gone in 6-8 weeks, however I’m beginning to doubt this now as I’m barely seeing much improvement. Does my description sound like Guttate Psoriasis? Dovobet cream will calm it down for a few days, although it does make the skin shed, but it does stop you scratching – you can get it through your doctor. I have both. Psoriasis can be white scaly patches. My grandfather’s ‘eczema’ sounds like your dad’s. 1 vote Report Share reply to Morrell1951. Morrell1951 wilmatm over a year ago I suspect bad skin runs in families. My sister has terrible psoriasis on her scalp. If your GP doesn’t diagnose LS, that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Both eczema and psoriasis are potentially allergic conditions that can be triggered by environmental factors and dozens of other external irritants like:. Ideally, you’ll want to get your vitamin D from appropriate sunshine exposure because UVB radiation on your skin will not only metabolize vitamin D, but will also help restore ideal skin function. I had psoriasis as a child, and my parents took me to the Jersey shore as much as possible.

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Hi My 12 year son suddenly developed scalp psoriasis last September after starting high school, talk about bad timing! As you can imagine he was mortified poor thing. Not all helped me but I dont know if any of you know but there are tablets and injections you can get if you perster your doctors. these are meant to help loads. I don’t know about cures but some of the other posts have given what sounds like good suggestions. But as a result of the dimensia we think she forgot she had the psoriasis and it cleared up completely. my dad also has it and has been toldby the doctor it can be psychological. And when you get plaque psoriasis, you often get it in the scalp, and you do get it in the nails too, but you can get it in the nails as well with any of these other disorders. Something like if both of your parents have psoriasis, then your risk of getting psoriasis is something on the order of like 40 percent. Dr. Kaplan, a lot of the symptoms you described sound like the symptoms of some other skin diseases. Psoriasis lesions are more frequent on the elbows, knees, and scalp. Typically you may see much bigger bumps at the site of a bite on a child than one on an adult. My newborn has really dry skin–what causes this and what can I do? There are a couple of different diseases that sound somewhat like the word in your question. To understand why the immune system needs microbes, you have to understand what happens to an immune system without any microbes. That patient was his father, who has psoriasis. Today, Blaser is both a patient and a researcher. I know, when you’re dealing with constant flaking and tightness on the scalp, keeping it clear sounds like one of those statements you roll your eyes at. But just like most treatments we love, you can have too much of a good thing. Both products lock moisture out of the hair, and have the potential to be irritants to the scalp (also triggering dandruff). If you think your child has psoriasis, check our condition guide for parents on Embarrassing Bodies: Kids website. When i get in from work i just have to scratch like mad to relieve all the itch of the day! I do see a dermatologist every now and again but i hve tried everything that both my family doctor and the dermatologist and give me and nothing is working, i have been trying very hard to get it under control but it just doesnt seem to work. It sounds extreme but it really does take over your life.

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I don’t have it, but my dad has it BAD – as in huge flaky patches of skin EVERYWHERE, all over his body. It does sound like you need either a better doctor, or a better rapport with the doctor you have. Like more than 1.3 million people in the UK, Rena has psoriasis, a largely genetic skin condition which causes patches or plaques’ of red scaly skin. It appears most commonly on the elbows, knees, lower back and scalp, although it can affect anywhere on the body. Skin thinning from short-term use of steroid cream is reversible once you stop using the cream. ‘You’re just chilling, right? You might have noticed I’ve posted some gluten-free recipes. The thought of giving up bread and wine BOTH (in addition to being vegan, if you recall) is, well sad. I believe I have psoriasis of the scalp and want to find the underlying cause(s) rather than using medicines ect. Do you suffer from psoriasis or have a sensitive scalp? It’s not curable, just controlable) My dad has had it pretty much forever. Psoriasis isn’t fungal Samantha so this wouldn’t work – sounds like it’s ideal for your condition though. We both have had great experience with their products, and hubby hasn’t had a flare up since we swapped over.

Having tried everything for the past 13 years for scalp psoriasis, I have now developed an allergy to coaltar which is the constituent of most scalp products. Thanks, I’ll certainly give the Zinc a shot! Whats this Blue cap and where did you get it? I’m still interested if anyone has had these steroid shots into the scalp – are they as awful as they sound and do they work? My dad has it, my aunts have it and my sister has it really bad, for a while when she was younger there wasn’t a patch of clear skin at all on her body, also my husband has it, at the moment we are trying for a baby, and my question is, Is there any chance that the baby will get it at some stage in life. The more you worry about things like this the worse your p will feel. The detoxification sounds amazing & something I’d definitely like to try out. I’m lucky, I don’t have psoriatic arthritis which affects about a third of all people with psoriasis. My father has it on his scalp, legs and arms. It sounds like there are some similarities with psoriasis. Both times, it just vanished over a few days.