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In: Psoriasis kydea

In: Psoriasis  kydea 1

Has anyone tried Milk Thistle for their psoriasis and had any success? Ive done black seed oil for at least a year now, I do glyercine topically, fish oil, high dose of probiotics, natural green supplements, tumeric, vitamin D, marine phytoplankton, etc etc. If I dont see any improvement with my scalp psoriasis by 12 weeks out I might consider stopping the Humira but want to give it a chance though. Kydea, my blood tests did change while on humira. Learn what other patients are saying about Psoriasis and Michael. We will be happy to offer you additional insights & analytics, please contact us at info treato.

In: Psoriasis  kydea 2

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Kydea’s Discussions