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If you have psoriasis on your eyelids:

Using Protopic or Elidel for eyelid psoriasis may help you avoid the potential side effects of topical steroids. For the most part, psoriasis treatments for the mouth and nose involve the use of topical steroids that have been designed to treat moist areas. It is extremely rare to have psoriasis occurring solely on the face. You may copy for personal use only. The skin of the eyelid is completely different than the skin on the palm or the sole of the foot, Dr. But when dealing with the palms or sole of the foot, you have to use the stronger stuff to get the adequate anti-inflammatory effects, Dr. If your psoriasis is all over your body, systemic oral medications or biologics might be your best bet.

If you have psoriasis on your eyelids: 2That was all she said was safe to use on your eyelids. You only have one pair of eyelids and if you stuff them up using steroids, you will soon regret it. Hi, I was wondering if anyone else gets psoriasis on their eyelids? My upper eyelids are really red and skin is flaky. Have you got anything on prescription that you can use? Try to avoid anything with fragrance and sometimes Vaseline can work a bit. Facial psoriasis most commonly occurs on the eyebrows, forehead, skin between the nose and upper lip, and the hairline. Caution must be taken not to overuse corticosteroids, which can irritate skin if left on too long. Corticosteroid creams come in a variety of potencies–from mild to very strong–so stick to the mild ones to protect your face from possible reactions. You Might Also Like. Get rid of psoriasis on the eyelids and around the eyes.

For the past several years, I’ve struggled with increasing problems of dry, flaking, red skin around my eyes. At its worst, the skin wrinkles up, turns bright red, and pitches little white flakes of skin. If you want to eliminate psoriasis, follow the AIP. It works. Unfortunately, it will likely have to be a lifestyle change and not a temporary diet. I’m sorry you’ve been going through that. It seems especially bad that it’s your eyes. I have had my psoriasis in remission so far as patches go for a few years. Just be careful to what you try to use when it gets on your face:) Misty. I don’t know if it is sold over there, but you should get informed as it is an ophthalmologic cream, that doesn’t harm your eyes or eyebrows. Blepharitis is eyelid irritation caused by eye allergies, infection or cancer. Redness, itching, tearing and blurry vision are symptoms and signs. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE VIEW. What treatment has been effective for your blepharitis? View 6 Comments.

Eyelid Psoriasis

How to Apply Psoriasis Medication on Your Face 3Dry eyelids affect many people, especially those who already have issues with dry skin. If you’ve ever dealt with dry scaly eyelids, you know just how uncomfortable they can be. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll deal with all of these problems if your eyelids are dry, but depending on the cause you may find that your eye feels quite irritated. Psoriasis is another condition that can lead to scaly eyelids. Should you develop a contact dermatitis, see your dermatologist for relief. Learn about eczema eye complications and when to seek treatment to protect your vision. If you scratch a lot around the eyes, your skin may become red and swollen. However, never use any of these on the eye area without consulting a doctor, as there have been reports of the use of topical steroids being associated with glaucoma, probably from the cream seeping into the eyes. I have psoriasis on my scalp and face; any suggestions? (You can also use Dove BAR soap on your face sometimes, but until you get this cleared up you may want to stick with Nizoral. The cream that has been prescribed says Do Not use around eyes. If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to Contact Us. How to Treat Eczema How to Deal with Eczema on Eyelids Eczema Can Be Genetically Transmitted Does Selsun Blue Help Eczema? Wonder Honey for Eczema Different Anti-Eczema Vitamins How Effective is Borage Oil for Eczema Psoriasis How to Treat Psoriasis Tips Tricks & Warnings Questions and Answers Comments. If your parents have had eczema, most likely, you are at risk of having it too.

My Struggle With Eye Psoriasis

Learn more about the treatment of plaque psoriasis. Before starting STELARA, tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms of an infection such as:. Get medical help right away if you have any symptoms such as: feeling faint, swelling of your face, eyelids, tongue, or throat, trouble breathing, throat or chest tightness, or skin rash. A sty is a bump that forms on the eyelid due to a blocked gland. This can occur if the gland’s opening is obstructed by scar tissue or a foreign substance (makeup, dust), or if there is thickening of the substance produced by the gland, causing the material to flow sluggishly or not at all. Get the latest health and medical information delivered direct to your inbox! This is allergic inflammation of the eyelid from direct contact with certain allergens. If your eye itches and is milky red, it is most likely allergy. Bipolar DisorderDo You Have Extreme Mood Shifts? Have Psoriasis? Your acne, itchy red patches, or excess hair could point to serious health conditions. If you have this condition, it’s not enough to simply treat skin with a steroid cream, so your dermatologist may refer to you to rheumatologist for treatment. Sleeping on your stomach can also cause fluid accumulation around the eyelids, says Potter.

If psoriasis is on your face, well-applied makeup can help return your self-confidence. Foundation is meant to create a blank canvas against which your eyes and lips can be the stars. If our skin produces new skin cells faster than this period of time, this new skin will be accumulated on skin surface and seemed as thickened patches in red, which can be accompanied by dryness and itchiness. It often happens in only one certain area, such as on the corner of your lips or on one of your eyelids. When you have psoriasis arthritis on your nails, it may cause the nails to pit, causing severe pain on the affected areas.