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How do you say ‘psoriasis’ in Punjabi

How do you say 'psoriasis' in Punjabi 1

We’ll say the word ‘psoriasis’ for you. Just click the button below to listen. See Also. What is another word for psoriasis? Experts say the state of our feet might tell us if we have other serious health problems. Nail pitting may be a sign of psoriasis, a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system, says Heath. The institute operates eleven centers in Delhi, NCR and neighbouring Punjab region, providing health care services in more than 30 disciplines.

How do you say 'psoriasis' in Punjabi 2Animal section of a rural Punjabi home under neem tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Today I have one word for you: Neem! What is Neem? I hear you ask. For me it has worked miracles, if you are suffering from an ailment and have tried everything, I say to you read about it fully and make the decision as to whether to try it. Translations of the phrase ‘How do you say?’ in many languages with mp3 recordings for some of them. Ko Urdu main kya kehte hain?) Uyghur. Some people with psoriasis develop an inflammation of the joints known as psoriatic arthritis. People say that it can help people with illnesses such as ‘arthritis’ and Parkinson’s syndrome.

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Stress, Anxiety, Psoriasis? Loving Neem! Claire Cappetta

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