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Home UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis: Effectiveness, Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness

Phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for psoriasis that can be used for these more severe cases3. To overcome these drawbacks of outpatient UVB phototherapy, home UVB equipment was introduced in Sweden in the late 1970’s4. Home phototherapy is convenient, cost-effective, and associated with better quality of life compared to outpatient phototherapy5. We further expect a better quality of life when patients are treated at home, and we hypothesize that home treatment will have similar or reduced total costs. Is home UVB phototherapy for patients with psoriasis equally effective? 2. Phototherapy treatment for psoriasis and vitiligo from National Biological. Phototherapy can be administered in the hospital, outpatient clinic, or in the patient’s home. NB-UVB is more effective than BB-UVB and safer than PUVA. Quality of life in psoriasis improves after standardized administration of narrowband UVB Phototherapy.

Home UVB Phototherapy for Psoriasis: Effectiveness, Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness 2Home-based phototherapy represents a cost-effective treatment option for patients with psoriasis and UV-B radiation, Home-based treatment, Biologic therapy, Cost, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Health-economic evaluation. Life Quality Index10); extensive erythroderma or pustular psoriasis; Home phototherapy is convenient, cost-effective, and associated with better quality of life compared to outpatient phototherapy treatment. Advantages of home phototherapy include improved quality of life, greater convenience, lower cost, and less time lost from work and social activities. A review of the literature on home phototherapy, broad-band UVB (BB-UVB), narrow-band UVB (NB-UVB), and psoralen plus UVA (PUVA) phototherapy was conducted using PUBMED. UVB phototherapy in an outpatient setting or at home: a pragmatic randomised single-blind trial designed to settle the discussion. (Dutch acronym for national trial on home UVB phototherapy for psoriasis). This trial is designed to evaluate the impact of home UVB treatment versus UVB phototherapy in a hospital outpatient clinic as to effectiveness, quality of life and cost-effectiveness.

Tools such as the Dermatology Life Quality Index may be helpful. Advise patients against the use of sunbeds as a UV source for self-treatment. UK home phototherapy service 1998-2011: improving access to a cost-effective treatment for chronic skin disease. (click to view): Narrow-band UVB is an effective adjunctive treatment Narrow-band UVB notably reduced atopic dermatitis after 3 weeks The beneficial effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on atopic dermatitis UVB phototherapy is a valuable and safe therapeutic option UVB treatment a valuable supplement for the treatment of contact dermatitis. This study is important in confirming the value of home NB-UVB for psoriasis.

Analysis Of The Cost Effectiveness Of Home-based Phototherapy With Narrow-band Uv-b Radiation Compared With Biological Drugs For The Treatment Of Moderate To Severe Psoriasis

A new development in UVB phototherapy of psoriasis. Economical 1 Strategy to manage the treatment of severe psoriasis: considerations of efficacy, safety, and cost. Although rarely fatal, psoriasis has a tremendous impact on a patients’ quality of life. Developing rational, effective and acceptable strategies to manage psoriasis treatments would encourage cost-effective psoriasis management. UVB phototherapy at home is more convenient, is equally effective (at least when medically supervised), and gives similar improvements in quality of life compared to UVB therapy administered in an outpatient setting. Psoriasis patients on biologics experience greater quality of life and show greater improvement than patients on phototherapy, topicals, or systematic agents. Aetna considers tanning beds for home UVB phototherapy not medically necessary. The use of UVA tanning salon treatments in the therapy of psoriasis is usually unsuccessful and is extremely unwise with concomitant psoralen and drug therapy. Both PUVA and NB-UVB are effective therapeutic options; however, they do not prevent recurrence of the disease. However, in our outpatient department, quality of life of most patients is improved with the treatment regimens that are recommended for patients with moderate-to-severe PLE, without the need for photo(chemo)therapy.

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