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Does treatment of metabolic syndrome components improve psoriasis

Dose-response relationships between more severe psoriasis and higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome components were recently established. In 2006, the first studies directly linking components of metabolic syndrome to psoriasis using multivariate analyses started to emerge. (48) Finally, emerging observational data suggest that successful systemic treatment of psoriasis may be associated with improvement in metabolic risk biomarkers. Visceral obesity and type 2 diabetes are two main components of the metabolic syndrome. Does treatment of metabolic syndrome components improve psoriasis? Report of three cases. AU. Torres T, Selores M. SO. Eur J Dermatol. 2012;22(2):270. AD.

Does treatment of metabolic syndrome components improve psoriasis 2A higher association of metabolic syndrome (MS) has been described amongst sufferers. Psoriasis was associated with metabolic syndrome, adjusted odds ratio (adj. There is an increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients with psoriasis. Few studies have explored the possibility of treating psoriasis by treating components of metabolic syndrome. Recent research suggests that vitamin D can improve metabolic syndrome.

Keywords: psoriasis, obesity, metabolic, syndrome, inflammation. Psoriasis was for years considered to be a purely dermatological condition, which severely affects patients’ quality of life but does not impact their overall health status. Psoriasis has also been associated with components of metabolic syndrome, such as hypertension, dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of at least three of five of the following medical conditions: abdominal (central) obesity, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting plasma glucose, high serum triglycerides, and low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. Many components of metabolic syndrome are associated with a sedentary lifestyle, including increased adipose tissue (predominantly central); reduced HDL cholesterol; and a trend toward increased triglycerides, blood pressure, and glucose in the genetically susceptible. The US National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III (2001) requires at least three of the following: 41. Obesity is a risk factor for MetS and weight loss may improve psoriasis 35.

Metabolic Syndrome And Its Components In Patients With Psoriasis

If they do that, it’s not just for themselves but for their children, and we just might prevent pediatric psoriasis in that family or temper its severity through that healthy lifestyle intervention, Dr. The hope is that effectively addressing the metabolic comorbidities of pediatric psoriasis will modulate and improve the skin disease; Pediatric psoriasis patients had significantly higher rates of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and hypertension than did nonpsoriatic controls (Br. Psoriasis is a T-cell mediated disease with inflammatory plaques containing cytokines including interleukins and TNF-alpha involved in the inflammatory pathways. Environmental factors can exacerbate psoriasis; these include alcohol, smoking, certain drugs, skin injury, obesity, psychological stress, streptococcal infections of the throat and HIV. Sunlight can improve psoriasis but can also exacerbate it, particularly if there is sunburn. Flexural psoriasis is often associated with fungal infection and treatment of both the psoriasis and any fungal component is necessary. The prevalence of skin disease exceeds that of obesity, hypertension or cancer. Whereas great advances have been made in understanding the roles of the immune system and the epidermal components of psoriasis, and despite clear indications that psychological stress exacerbates disease, the contribution and significance of the cutaneous neural system to psoriasis pathogenesis remains poorly defined. That body of work will shed new insight into how and why this occurs, and is examining the importance of skin-specific molecules, a specific type of circulating immune cell, and whether current biologics used to treat psoriasis will be effective at improving the cardiovascular disease co-morbidities.

Links And Risks Associated With Psoriasis And Metabolic Syndrome