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Can you be disqualified from the US Army if you have Psoriasis

For those of you doing the math on this, yes, I joined pretty late. My big concern is if this will get me kicked out of the military. Now when recruiters call me inquiring any interest, I just tell them I am disqualified due to psoriasis. My big concern is if this will get me kicked out of the military. I really don’t want to get medically discharged. Psoriasis is disqualifying if you’re intending on joining the Military. If it interferes severly with the wearing of Military equipment/uniform etc, then it could be a medboardable condition. Below you will find details from the Army’s Standards of Medical Fitness. If you have had a medical complication at any time in your life that is mentioned here, then you need to tell your recruiter. They will tell you whether your condition can be waivered, or if it is permanently disqualifying. 1964) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI 1996), will be used to test the hearing of all applicants.

Can you be disqualified from the US Army if you have Psoriasis 2I hope this doesn’t affect me joining any branch because if I can’t get in the Air Force I was hoping to go into the Navy. Do you actually have psoriasis? so becuase of my Psoriasis the goverment is saying that i can not join the Army. My heart and drive is just as big if not bigger then any one who does not have it. i am sick of psoriasis controlling who i am and what im trying to do. Now I know you are saying you only have a few spots, and I pray it stays that way for you. The disqualifying medical conditions are listed in paragraphs 23 through 237, below. You’ve had this dream your whole life and you can’t achieve it. Basically, if you have more than two civil infractions, they are not going to get approved, Esquivel said about students seeking a contract. (, disqualified him from serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Dvdrns66, if you have eczema, do not join the military. You will be medically disqualified at MEPS. When I was in high school, joining the military was my dream. Anyone who has any kind of skin condition (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) can NOT take the smallpox vaccine. You’ll need to talk to your local US Navy recruiter about your specific situation. All questionable cases will be referred to the appropriate Region Commander for final disposition. Neck, tumor of the thyroid, including enlarged lymph nodes, if the enlargement is of such degree as to interfere with wearing of ordinary clothing. The disqualifying medical conditions for the skin, for enlistment or accessing in the U.S. Armed Forces are listed here.

Military Says No To Psoriasis?

Is there any cure, temporary or permanent for Psoriasis 3A looong list of disqualifying medical conditions to be aware of when joining the military. This phase of the enlistment process simply establishes whether you can get into the military from a medical standpoint. How to prep for outdoor workouts with psoriatic arthritis. Whether you’re gearing up for a Team NPF event or simply busting a move outdoors, keep these tips in mind if you have psoriatic arthritis. Wellness Guide. I had no idea eczema disqualified you from the military. I’m not exactly armed forces material, but I’ve had two different kinds of eczema and I would have never thought something like skin irritation could stand in the way of a successful military career. If it’s something that could get worse, the person could get out of the services on medical leave and the military would be responsible for compensating that person some percentage of their base pay for the rest of their life. I’m surprised the US military has so many soldiers when the recruitment criteria are so strict. I am telling you me, that young lady knows the heartbreak of psoriasis now! That being said, I am sure you have all heard the usual spiel ie Im strong, capable, I smoked the ASVAB, its not a big deal yada yada. Since the Army will not waive this, is it possible the Marine Corps will? Current or history of psoriasis (696.1) is disqualifying. Hello Everyone, My younger brother has psoriasis on the tips of this knuckles, the tip of his nose, and a tiny spot on his head. He also wants to join Army ROTC (and if that’s not possible, he would like to enlist). As far as your main question, psoriasis is a tough one and is usually a cause for disqualification, that does not mean he won’t get a waiver, it just means that one will probably be required. There is nobody that can tell you the chances of getting a waiver, he will just have to go through the process. Treatment options can have adverse side effects which negatively affect multiple organ systems such as the hematological, neurological, and immunological systems.

Military Rejection?

To apply to the United States Air Force Academy, you must meet admissions requirements more stringent than at a typical university or college. If you do not meet these standards as an applicant, you will be disqualified unless provided a medical waiver. If you have ANY questions concerning the medical examination process, CALL DODMERB!. Do not rely on any statements made by the examining physician, military or civilian, concerning your medical status. This is med related: I have psoriasis which is more of a annoyance to my physical well being than anything and has never affected my ability to perform in the military. Crip’s right,If you want to go SOF stay in the Marines and request MARSOC it’s probably easier than re-enlisting for SOF in the army. I did as you said, didn’t seem to be anything disqualifying regarding psoriasis, but hernia was listed as a disqualifier for nearly all SOF training, however it didn’t say anything in regards to it being repaired, so i’m under the impression it means if you have a current, untreated one it’s a no go. Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis. If he is disqualified, can he get a waiver for it? I am a 37 yo male who is interested in enlisting in the US Navy. 2) As a JAG if you are PDQ’d they will allow you to physical at MEPS even if they are unlikely to grant a waiver. Because I had never been diagnosed with psoriasis, nor have I ever had reason to believe I have it, I consulted a few civilian dermatologists who all agreed it was highly unlikely that it was/is psoriasis. Would this disqualify him from joining the Navy? I want to enlist into the US Armed Forces.

I had psoriasis when i was 5 and have not shown symptoms in over thirteen years. There are several different types of psoriasis, some can even cause arthritic joints. I was disqualified from joining the service back in 1970 because of this condition. Hmmm, why wouldn’t you be able to receive the smallpox vaccine if you have psoriasis? MI When I was a kid I grew up wanting to be in the military. When I was in High School I found out I was medically disqualified due to Asthma & Psoriasis. Years Later I decided to look it up again, and I found out that I can get a waiver for Psoriasis as long as it didn’t stop me from wearing a uniform & for Asthma as long as it was a childhood thing (this changed in 2004 for the Army). When you go to MEPS there is only going to be two people that know anything. Candidates must have sufficient teeth, natural or artificial, in functional occlusion to ensure satisfactory incision and mastication. I’ve had psoriasis for a few years now and am trying to keep my hopes up for a waiver. I. Also, can anyone explain why that would be a disqualifying factor? I am sure you have looked into treatment, but if you haven’t, talk to your doc about taking colchicine. Psoriasis is considered mild if it affects less than 5 percent of the surface of the body; Nearly one million people in the United States have psoriatic arthritis.