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Africa Psoriasis Organization

There are only 30 dermatologists in Kenya serving a population of 40 million. Each year Africa Psoriasis Organization (APSO) conducts free health camps to facilitate access to correct diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases to poor families in slums and rural areas. There are no enough dermatologists and skin clinics in Nairobi. Africa Psoriasis Organization has planned 3 free medical camps to facilitate access to correct diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis to 300 children from poor families in 3 slums in Nairobi. The picture captures activities carried out by Africa Psoriasis Organization.

Africa Psoriasis Organization 2Africa Psoriasis Organization improves lives of people suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin and joint disease that people mistakenly think is contagious. For more information on psoriasis, Verjee suggests visiting the National Psoriasis Foundation (U.S), Psoriasis Association (UK) or Africa Psoriasis Organization (Kenya). At Africa Psoriasis Organization, we put children suffering from psoriasis and other skin diseases first because they are the voices of the future. When we help ease their suffering due stigmatization, lack of treatment and hopelessness, we positively affect their future.

Help APSO gain a permanent spot on globalgiving! – Africa Psoriasis Organization. Hong Kong Psoriasis Patients Association. KENYA. Africa Psoriasis Organization. The Psoriasis and Eczema Association of Norway (PEF). Africa Psoriasis Organization was formed by psoriasis patients in March 2009. The oganization now has a growing membership of 150 patients, 10 dermatologists, 30 wellwishers and 2 corporate companies.

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