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A 68-year old Filipino female presented with a 16-year history of generalized plaque-type psoriasis

DERMATOLOGY Question 1 A 62-year-old female is referred to dermatology due to a lesion. It is now well established that human papilloma virus (especially types 16,18 & 33) predisposes to cervical cancer Features small (2 – 5 mm) fleshy protuberances which are slightly pigmented may bleed or itch Management topical podophyllum or cryotherapy are commonly used as first-line treatments depending on the location and type of lesion genital warts are often resistant to treatment are recurrence is common Question 10 A 85-year-old lady presents to dermatology clinic complaining of itchy white plaques affecting her vulva. A 23-year-old man presents with a three day history of general malaise and low-grade temperature. She presented 4 weeks ago with itchy dry skin on her arms and was diagnosed as having atopic eczema. Each case presentation ends with a Clinical Pearl, defined as a practical teaching point that is supported by the literature but generally not well known to most internists. A 32-year-old man presents with recurrent episodes of rash (Figure 1). Erythema multiforme presents with target or iris lesions that are often located on the palms and soles, but generalized eruptions also occur. The presentations were the following, in order of presentation (Click on each title to see the abstract and its authors. OPTION FOR MODERATE-TO-SEVERE GENERALIZED PSORIASIS USING 308NM EXCIMER LASER, CLOBETASOL SPRAY, AND CALCITRIOL OINTMENT. A 68-year-old Asian female presented with a 16-year history of generalized plaque-type psoriasis.

Acquired pseudoxanthoma elasticum presenting after liver transplantation. Extremely severe palmoplantar hyperkeratosis in a generalized epidermolytic hyperkeratosis patient with a keratin 1 gene mutation. 5 A 75-year-old woman wiLh Alzheimer disease dies of congesLive heart failure. Three types of brain tumours may be associated with TSC:. Such complications occur almost exclusively during pregnancy or within the child’s first year. In TSC2, the gene abnormalities are on chromosome 16p13. Historyedit.

Severe pruritus was seen in 68 of patients 7. The patient presented with a 5-year history of enlarging pruritic plaques on the forehead and back, patchy alopecia and generalized ichthyosis. Besides hair loss, a 17-years old girl suffered from a generalized scaling skin, enlargement of the inguinal lymph nodes and severe back pain. So, alopecia can be observed in different types and stages of lymphomas. Nov 14-16, 2016, Dubai, UAE.

Journal Of The American Academy Of Dermatology, May 2011, Volume 64, Issue 5, Pages A1-a56, E65-e94, 801-1016

Alopecia In Lymphomas